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Protect Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

1.   Choose a home security package.  
2.   Select a monitoring plan.  
3.   Customize with add-on devices.  

Simple DIY Installation

Connect the hub.

Use the included ethernet cord to plug the Connect hub into your router or other internet source.

Download the app.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play, download the My Constellation app and create your account.

Activate your devices.

When your hub recognizes your security and automation devices, select a monitoring plan and let the protection begin!

Savor the peace of mind.

Use the My Constellation app to manage all your home's security and automation devices. You're secure and in control.

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Need help?

Watch our video to learn how easy it is to set up your system.

Video: Set Up Your System

Products for Low-Stress Living

Product Features

  • The Connect hub is the brains of the operation. It ties all your security and automation devices together seamlessly so you can control your home from the Connect app.
  • The motion sensor is perfect for any room or hallway and essential for any Connect system. Each sensor provides whole-room coverage and easy, programmable scheduling.
  • The window and door sensor protects the exterior of your house, notifies you when any door or window is opened, stops intruders in their tracks and helps you rest easy.
  • The indoor video camera uses infrared LEDs to give you full HD imaging in any light. With a professional monitoring plan, you'll have a clear picture of what's going on in your home 24/7.
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Monitoring Options

Monitoring Plans

To unlock the benefits of your Connect system, you will need to select one of our monitoring plans. Whether you want to self-monitor your security or prefer 24/7 live monitoring, there’s a plan for you. The best part is, the first month is on us! With no contracts, you can always change your plan or cancel any time.

Our professional monitoring service provides 24/7 surveillance, notifying you if there is any unusual activity in your home and contacting the authorities in the event of an intrusion or emergency. You don't have to be on high alert because we always are.

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The My Constellation App

We designed our app to be a snap to set up and navigate. And while its functionality is simple, its capability is very sophisticated. Here are just some of the advanced operations the app lets you control:

  • Scenes: Create an automation that happens when a specific event occurs. For example, turn on a light when your security system is disarmed.
  • Geofences:  Use a geofence to control your system based on your phone’s location, such as arming your system when you drive away from home.
  • Camera: View live HD camera footage from inside the app.
  • Add Devices: Use the app to customize your home with the exact devices you want, including cameras, lighting, sensors, thermostats and more.

Turn On Lamp

when front door opens.

Use Alexa

to adjust thermostat.

Activate Camera

when motion detected.

Setting Up Scenes

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