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Smart home automation, made even smarter.

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Control Everything From Anywhere

Turn lights on and off, monitor security camera feeds, adjust the temperature, lock and unlock doors, respond to alarms and alerts, and do it all on your smartphone even when you’re away from home. With the My Constellation app, wherever you have a cell signal, you have control.

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Our App Multitasks for You

Our App Is Your Multitasker

The My Constellation app integrates more than 2,000 smart home devices. Combine cameras, lighting, sensors and more to customize and control your home security and energy usage to fit your lifestyle. Very smart.

What Is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation allows you to add a level of safety and security for both your home and family. It gives you the ability to control lights, check in on security cameras, change the temperature, lock your doors and respond to alerts with a couple taps on your smart phone. Never be in the dark about what is happening when you leave your home. Plus, being connected to Wi-Fi means you have access to your devices from anywhere you get a cell phone signal.

Remotely set your home temperatures Set Temperature
Remotely control your home lighting Control Lights
Remotely lock your doors Lock Doors
Remotely see home intruders See Intruders
See your pet when you are away Check On A Pet

Our My Constellation app offers more than security.  Take control of your energy usage by setting up a smart thermostat or lighting automation. Never worry about forgetting to shut off a light or lock the door when you leave, since you can control them from anywhere. Plus, manage all your smart home devices from one simple app. Combine cameras, lighting and sensors to customize your home to your lifestyle.

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